Corydon Presbyterian Church – Who We Are …

Corydon Presbyterian Church is … us, “learning by doing” what it means to “be the church” together and in our community, at least as well as we can, with the grace of God!

Honestly, we are simply those ordinary-extraordinary, unique and representative, human people we all meet everywhere all the time.

We believe that we are, and that others, see us, as:

Welcoming – welcoming others and one another to our services of worship and into the full life, leadership and ministry of this church, in love, because of how Jesus Christ welcomes all of us.

Growing – we believe that life is a spiritual journey; that we change as we learn and experience life; that this growth , and the ongoing dialogue of faith and doubt, make our spiritual path more and more sure as we journey onward.

Inclusive – happy and even a little proud (we hope in a good way) to be an inclusive community that embraces all people regardless of race, ethnic background, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, social or economic situation, marital or family status, biblical interpretation or political persuasion.

Open – we’re all God’s beloved children with gifts to share for the just and peaceable reign that God intends, and we celebrate that, and everything that goes along with it. The meaningful friendships we’ve built here are our context for practicing “speaking the truth in love,” experiencing acceptance and forgiveness, and being open to different experiences and points of view. We believe in living out our faith by meeting and loving one another and ourselves “where we are,” making CPC a place for everyone to meet God, no matter who we are or where we are on life’s journey.

Active – we live out our vision to serve all of God’s creation by providing education opportunities for all; by promoting ecological responsibility & stewardship and simplicity in life styles, and by providing recycling opportunities at the church and encouraging it in our homes; by providing a loving environment for animals, including an annual Blessing of the Animals; by serving the needy in our community by participating in local housing and food pantry ministries; and by promoting compassionate communication.

Realistic – our vision for ministry is to share God’s all-embracing love in our community and the world, which we can only do daily, locally, and personally. So, we worship God on Sunday mornings, and other times; we do our best to respond to the neighbors and needs we meet face to face; we walk with people who have lots of questions and doubts – which is sometimes us; and we recognize the stuff of daily life as the place where all the miracles happen.