God’s Book Club

Presbyterians have always said that all you need to understand the Bible is the willingness to read it with two or three other people.  But the Bible is a big ol book, essential to the church, but intimidating and inaccessible to many folks.  What if you had a group of friends who wanted to read it with you?  What if those friends were as interested in you and your thoughts as they were in doctrine and dogma, theology and tradition?  That’s God’s Book Club, a weekly meeting of people interested in what the big ol’ book actually says and what it has to do with life today. Phillip Dennis (who knows a little about history, tradition and dead languages) walks along with the group to ask questions and look for answers.  We meet for an hour, read and discuss as much (or as little) as we like, and if the conversation strays to other important topics, we follow it.  The results are often a mixture of laughter, well-intended heresy and holy moments.

CPC bible study group: flu season