Is Corydon Presbyterian Church a Spiritual
Community for You?

Our hope at CPC is to attract and be available for spiritual journeyers of all backgrounds, creeds, denominations (or none!) who believe that their life is most fundamentally  a spiritual journey– or that they would like to explore the spiritual dimension of life. As Pastor Phillip says in his introductory video on this website, we aspire to be a radically inclusive community:

This is a church that believes in and practices radical inclusion.  Before we ever say a word about Jesus or about our faith, we can show someone who Jesus is and what we believe by including everyone we come across.  We hope to be a community that steps beyond tolerance to acceptance, and then steps beyond acceptance to love and embrace. That would include LGBTQ folk, people of color and of different ethnicities, the poor, homeless, alcoholic, addicted, the elderly and the young, the disabled and differently abled, … That would include non-believes as well as believers, … people who agree and people who disagree.  Radical inclusion means that we welcome and want to be with even those people who think or feel or believe differently from us …

You don’t need to be Christian, Presbyterian, baptized, “saved”, believe in any particular doctrines, creed belief or theologyYou need have no previous experience with church, bad or good experience with church, no knowledge of the Bible. You can be a Christian, a member of any other religious practice (or none at all), a person who is “spiritual but not religious,” a skeptic, agnostic or atheist. We are nowhere near perfect and you don’t need to be either! Most of our members would be most accurately described as “followers of Jesus”—that is, we believe that our particular spiritual journey is working toward living in the world as Jesus taught and demonstrated, adding new insights as we journey, learn and grow.

It is not our intention to “convert” anyone—our intention is to love and support one another the way Jesus taught that we should do. If part of your journey includes, or has included, the traditional accepting of Jesus as savior we certainly support that. If it has not, or does not, you are loved and accepted as a valuable member and fellow spiritual journeyer.