The Labyrinth – Walking a Sacred Path

Members and friends of Corydon Presbyterian Church constructed an 11-circuit canvas labyrinth during the winter of 1999.  Our labyrinth is a replica of the one found on the nave floor of Chartres Cathedral in France.  It takes approximately 20-60 minutes to walk the 1/3 mile path of the labyrinth.  The path has no dead ends, but weaves back and forth, near the center, then to the outside.  Walking the labyrinth encourages thoughts about our own spiritual journeys which also may have an up or down or weaving pattern.

Guidelines for the walk:  Clear your mind and become aware of your breathing pattern.  Allow yourself to find the pace your body wants to go.  You may stand in the purple area of the turns to meditate or to allow people to pass.  You need not feel limited to keeping your eyes on the path; look up if you desire.  The path is two ways.  Those going in will meet those coming out.

If you would like to borrow the labyrinth please call the church office 812-738-3929.  The labyrinth cannot be used outside and you will need a space big enough to accommodate a 42 foot square canvas.