CPC has a long history of commitment to music as part of worship and fellowship in the early 1800s, leaders would “line out” hymns for the congregation to sing because hymnals were relatively rare on the frontier. CPC was the first church in Harrison County to have an organ in its sanctuary. (It was a small pump organ, with the “pumper” concealed behind a curtain at the rear of the organ) Beth Bostock has been Music director of CPC since the early 1970’s.

During that time she has led multiple choirs, handbell choirs and the current adult choir that sings in Sunday services. Beth gets our choir together with some other churches to sing for special occasions (e.g. Lent, Advent) as an ecumenical choir. While directing, Beth accompanies the choir on a Steinway Grand Piano which was donated to the church in 1995 when the current building was built, by members Dr. and Mrs. Walter Hollis. This magnificent instrument was Dr. Hollis’ personal piano for many years, and he could be heard at times in the empty sanctuary playing it after it was moved to the church. Beth welcomes all interested members and attendees to join the choir, which rehearses on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm in order to lead hymn singing for the church and to provide an anthem for the service. At times, hymns and anthems are joined by members who play guitar, flute and drum. Choir rehearsals are fun, as are the yearly Christmas parties that to hosts for the choir group. That is, a real spirit of comradeship and conviviality pervades this group.