Rock Painting

During 2019 CPC discovered the activity of “hide and seek painted rocks”. This movement is nationwide (probably even worldwide) and encourages participants to paint and hide rocks for others to find. “Finders” are encouraged to pass the rocks on by re-hiding but it is also acceptable to keep those that they particularly enjoy. The rocks are intended to encourage kindness.

CPC started a rock painting project in June 2018. Each rock not only contains a hashtag to guide someone to the HarrisonCountyRocks Facebook page but a hashtag we created to guide someone to our church Facebook page as well. Two more painting sessions were scheduled in 2018 and more to come in 2019. We currently have rocks in various stages of painting. This is a project anyone can participate in!!

The Rock Painting project is bringing us an unexpected result. After the first rocks were hidden, we experienced lots of “traffic” looking for rocks on the property. We even had a couple of neighborhood children stop in to ask Pastor Phillip questions about “what we do here”. This led to a planned time when the kids could come into the church to participate in various activities on Wednesday afternoons. The committee worked to assure that there was always at least one more adult at the church during this time. Not only were they treated to drum beating, four square healthy snacks and conversation, but we also made sure we did some rock painting, too.

For more information on the international scope of this phenomenon, go to: