Technically, the Present Word is a Bible study. We find the Bible intrinsically fascinating! We have lots of questions … So we get together to study it at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning (9 am is not that early!). And to have a wonderful time. Because it’s the Bible! Together!!

We use The Present Word curriculum as a jumping off point, which means we’re following the “Uniform Series International Bible Lessons for Christian Teaching.” So, eventually, we will read through the whole Bible, more or less.

Most weeks, there are notes and questions on the lesson at Matters of Interpretation.

Here are some things people say about The Present Word:

“This class is special – one of my favorite things about Sunday mornings, honestly.” H.T.

“It is absolutely delightful to discover our own relevance in written experiences saved for us in the Bible.” J.B. 

“Each Sunday I feel so blessed to have a university professor of World Religions as our teacher. Come join in. You will love Heather!” L.M.