Worship at Corydon Presbyterian Church

Worship is at the center of our congregation’s life. No matter what else we do in any given week, we come together to worship God.

Other practices, ministries and routines have come and gone over our 200 years together, but worship has always been our starting point and connection. Worshiping together is as essential to our Christian life as eating together is essential to a family.

We worship God, who is revealed in the teaching and story of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

Because we believe that the whole Bible speaks uniquely about God and the life of Jesus, Old and New Testament scriptures are central in our worship.

We believe God faithfully speaks to us through the Bible, but God is not limited to the Bible’s literal meaning and traditional interpretations. We worship God, not the Bible.

We find that many people appreciate that our worship is artful, playful, informal, traditional, moving and personal.

At best, our worship is transformational, not because of anything that we do, but because God is present with us. We simply try to open as many doors as possible for the Holy Spirit to come in and make it happen.


Worship at Corydon Presbyterian Church may not feel right for everyone.

Our worship services might not be for you …

      • If you need worship to be only and always quiet and serious.
      • If you need to hear the Bible interpreted literally.
      • If you need to sing and hear only familiar songs.
      • If you have little tolerance or patience for mistakes.
      • If you think God leaves the room when there’s an accident or a mess.
      • If you care about what other people in the room are wearing.

If this brief description of our worship intrigues or interests you, come and see.